Alcohol education is a fundamental part of a strong community

The Hendersonville ABC Board is especially interested in educating the public about the responsibilities of consuming distilled spirits. North Carolina Law requires at least 7% of our annual profits are committed to support local substance abuse prevention and education programs, but our board believes that alcohol education is a fundamental part of a strong community therefore the Hendersonville ABC Board chooses to contribute the maximum allowance, 12% of our annual profits.


Here are some links to organizations, like us, focusing on the education and prevention of substance abuse.

Organization Website
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
Students Against Destructive Decisions
Drug Abuse Resistance Education
Coalition Against Drug Abuse 1-888-858-6629 (Help Hotline)
North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services
Partnership for a Drug Free NC
Substance Abuse Prevention in NC
Substance Abuse Prevention
Underage Drinking & Teen Drinking Prevention

Additional information

If your organization is focused on local alcohol education and prevention please contact us to find out if we can help support your efforts. The Hendersonville ABC Board salutes those you have taken a stand against alcohol abuse, and we would like to remind those of you who are ages 21 & over to enjoy alcohol responsibly and Don’t Drink and Drive.

Beyond the education and prevention requirements, additional profits are allocated to support local law enforcement. These funds are used in a multitude of ways including placement of resource officers within our public school system ensuring that our youth is informed about the consequences of alcohol consumption and the importance of abstaining until the legal age of 21. Law Enforcement combats underage drinking at every possible level including training our staff to require ID to purchase alcohol, how to recognize fake or altered ID’s, and making it unlawful to sell alcohol to anyone already intoxicated. Supporting local law enforcement is just another way the Hendersonville ABC Board serves their community.