Brand Description
Absinthe Licorice
Alize Blend of passion fruit
& cognac
Amaretto A sweet, almond
liqueur created from almonds of apricots steeped in brandy
Amaretto Di Saronno Almond
Amer Picon Brandy name of French
Angostura Bitters Brandy name of bitters
which comes from Venezuela
Anisette Aniseed-flavored
liqueur, sweet, mild aromatic liqueur with pleasant anise flavor
reminiscent of licorice; sweeter and lower in proof than Anesone. White
and Red
Aperitif A drink of alcoholic
liquor taken before a meal
Applejack American term for
apple brandy
Apricot Brandy Flavor and aroma of
selected ripe apricots; brandy base. Higher in proof and drier than
Apricot Liqueur
Aquavit A potato based liqueur
from Scandinavia flavored with caraway seeds
Arak Anise-flavored liqueur
from Turkey
Bailey’s Irish Crème A smooth golden
whiskey and fresh Irish Cream. Whisky & vanilla.
Balsam Banana
Banana Liqueur Rich, yellow liqueur
with the full flavor of fresh, ripe bananas.
Barenjager Honey and herb
liqueur, sister brand to Jagermeister
Bauchant Napoleon
Orange rind/tangerine
aroma is tart yet plump and juicy. Sweet, luscious marinated orange
Benedictine Brandy based liqueur,
amber liqueur with Cognac base, make from herbs, plants and peels.
Brandy & Honey.
Benedictine &
Brandy (D.O.M.)
Blend of Benedictine
and Brandy bottled in France or made by mixing equal parts of
Benedictine and Cognac
Blackberry Liqueur Sweet, rich liqueur,
with the flavor and aroma of fresh, ripe blackberries, sweeter and
lighter proof than Blackberry Flavored Brandy
Boggs Cranberry Tart, tangy taste of
juice of native grown cranberries. Red.
Bourgogne Black Raspberry
Byrrh Brand name of French
Cactus Juice Margarita drink, made
with 100% Agave tequila and triple sec.
Café Rica Coffee
Caffe Lolita Coffee
Calvados Apple brandy from
Normandy in France
Camaya Coffee
Campari Brand name of Italian
aperitif, dry, brisk-flavored bitter-sweet; garnet in color. Herbs &
Cassis Black currants
Caucal 48 proof, Cardamomo;
aguardiente flavored with cardamom; imported form Colombia.
Cerasello Cherries, herbs
Chambord Rich aroma and taste
of black raspberries and other fruits and herbs.
Chartreuse Brand name of a French
liqueur either green or yellow in color, contain 130 herbs and spices.
Green Chartreuse is sold at 100 proof; Yellow Chartreuse at 86 proof.
Cough medicine.
Cheri-Suisse Liqueur A liqueur flavored
with chocolate and cherries.
Cherry Heering Brand name of a Danish
cherry-flavored liqueur, flavor and aroma from juices of fresh, ripe
Danish cherries.
Cherry Marnier Cherry flavored French
liqueur. Rich cherry taste with a flavor hint of the cherry pit. Made
from wild cherries.
Cinnamon Schnapps Light Cinnamon
Coco Bay Schnapps 30 proof, with flavors
of chocolate and coconut
Coco Rhum Coconut, rum
Cocoribe Virgin Island light
rum, coconut
Coffee flavored brandy Coffee
Cointreau Brand name of an
orange flavored liqueur, White, Fragrant, mellow bouquet, subtle hint of
orange. Produced by blending of carefully selected sweet and bitter
Mediterranean and tropical orange peels.
Cordial Medoc Chocolate flavored
French liqueur made in Bordeaux. Dark red in color.
Cranberry Liqueur Liqueur with the
familiar flavor of American cranberries with an added sparkle.
Cream Liqueurs Dairy fresh cream
blended with spirits and natural flavoring. Most widely used spirit is
Irish whiskey. Brandy, cordials, rum vodka also used. Flavor is rich,
subtle with mellow bite of spirit. Shelf stable. Some brands use
non-dairy creams. Popular brands include Bailey’s, Carolans, Leroux,
Myers’, O’Darby, Crème de Grand Marnier.
Crème de Almond Almond
Crème de Ananas Pineapple
Crème de Banana Also called banana
liqueur. Full flavor of fresh, ripe bananas.
Crème de Cacao (Brown
& Clear)
A chocolate flavored
liqueur. Made of cocoa beans, vanilla and spices with traditional sweet
chocolate flavor.
Crème de Cassis Rich, fruity, with
full flavor of black currants grown principally around Dijon, France.
Crème de Cerise Cherry
Crème de Fraises Strawberry
Crème de Framboise Raspberry flavored
Crème de Menthe Green, White and Gold.
Peppermint flavored liqueur with a cool, refreshing taste.
Crème de Noyaux Brandy based liqueur
with apricot and peach kernels. Nutty, almond.
Crème de Roses Vanilla
Crème de Violette Vanilla &
Crystal Comfort Clear American
liqueur, cousin of Southern Comfort, made from secret recipe.
Curacao Orange and Blue. Rum
based liqueur flavored with dried small green orange peel. Lower in
proof than triple sec.
Della Notte Anise, Licorice
Dr. McGillicuddy’s
Drambuie Brand name of whisky
based liqueur from Scotland; whisky flavored with heather honey and
other ingredients.
Dubonnet Brandy name of a
French aperitif
Duchalet Chocolat
Swiss Chocolate
Emmet’s Irish Cream Irish Cream
Expresso Coffee
Fino Sherry A pale dry sherry
Florenza Hazelnut
Forbidden Fruit Brandy & fruit
Frangelico Hazelnut-flavored
liqueur, with berries and herbs added.
Fruit Liqueurs Flavor and aroma of
fresh ripe fruit identified by product name (apricot, blackberry, etc.)
Lower proof and sweeter than companion fruit-flavored brandy. Always the
color of the fruit.
Fruit-Flavored Brandy Flavor and aroma of
selected ripe fruit identified by fruit type. Higher in proof and drier
than companion liqueur. Always the color of the fruit, and always 70
Galliano Licorice
Godet Bellgian Liqueur Nose is milky,
chocolately, not in the least sweet, with a hint of vanilla in the
distance. Classy flavors are of milk chocolate and cream.
Godiva Rich chocolate liqueur
made with Godiva chocolate from Belgium.
Goldschlager Cinnamon-flavored
schnapps with tiny gold flakes suspended in the liquid.
Goldwasser orange
Grand Marnier From France, classic
Cognac based orange liqueur. Brand name of an orange flavored liqueur
blended with cognac.
Grappa An
Italian brandy distilled from the residue of pressed wine.
Grenadine A pomegranate flavored
Haagen-Dazs Cream Cream liqueur from
Holland, with the distinct taste of coffee, cocoa, and cognac
Irish Mist A legendary, centuries
old liqueur sweetened with just a wisp of heather honey.
Jagermeister From Germany,
distinctive flavor blend of 56 roots, herbs and fruits. Cough medicine.
Josie Frambois All natural, 36 proof
liqueur made from a fresh pressing of French and Scottish raspberries.
Imported from France.
Kahlua Drawn from coffee
Kamora Coffee Liqueur Coffee
Kapala 48 proof coffee
Kirsch A colorless cherry
Kummel A German liqueur
flavored with aniseed and cumin. Caraway & rye.
Le Grande Passion 48 proof, Armagnac
blended with passion fruit.
Licor 43 Spanish liqueur made
from vanilla, milk, citrus, and herbs.
Licor de Pina Pineapple
Lillet Brand name of a French
Liqueur d’Or orange
Liquore Galliano Spicy, yellow liqueur
from Italy. Straight or on the rocks with a twist of lemon peel.
Lochan Ora Distinctive Scotch
based liqueur made in Scotland with subtle flavors drawn from
ingredients from Curacao and Ceylon.
Madeira A fortified wine from
the island of Madeira
Malibu Clear, flavor of white
rum and coconut
Mandarine Napoleon Amber color, flavor of
ripe tangerines and cognac
Maraschino Cherry
Marashino Liqueur A liqueur flavored
with fruit kernels
Marie Brizard Chocolat A very mixable pure
chocolate liqueur, serve in drinks or on top of ice cream
Marsala An Italian dessert
Metaxa Brandy-like Greek
liqueur; grape base, slightly sweet.
Metaxa (3&5 Star) Brandy
Midori A honeydew melon
Moet Petit Liqueur 36 proof, sparking
amber-gold liqueur with a honey aroma and flavors of ripe plum, a hint
of coffee and fruity flavors reminiscent of champagne.
Mohola Mango flavor
Nassau Royale Herbs & Spices,
Hint of Vanilla
O Cha Tea & brandy
Oblio Sambuca Spirity aroma of black
licorice, cream, seeds, and citrus. Flavor highlights beans, spice and
Opal Nera Anise, Licorice
Orgeat A flavoring made of
almonds, sugar, orange-flavored water and brandy
Ouzo White (clear) Greek
Anisette Licorice like anise flavor; turns milky when water is added.
Peppermint Schnapps Mint
Pernod Most famous of anise
liqueurs. Yellow green and turn opalescent white and green when water
and ice are added.
Peter Heering Cherry-flavored Danish
Petite Liqueur Naturally fermented
sparkling wine base, blended with old wines and spirits.
Pimm’s Cup Tall “sling”
drinks from England. Pimm’s Cup No. 1 is the Gin Sling
Pisco Brandy A brandy from Peru
Praline Mellow vanilla and
pecan flavor of the original New Orleans praline confection.
Prunelle A French blackthron
(sloe)-flavored liqueur
Rock N’ Rye Sweet, hearty rye
whiskey flavored cordial. Made as a blending of rye whiskey with rock
candy and fruits – lemons, oranges and cherries.
Rumple Minze Peppermint schnapps
from Germany
Sabra Liqueur of Israel,
flavor of oranges, set off by hint of chocolate.
Sake Japanese rice wine
Sambuca An Italian Liqueur.
Combines tang of licorice with freshness of wild elderberry. Clear
anise-flavored liqueur. Recently introduced in a dark, blue-black color,
known generally as black sambuca.
San Francisco Cookies
& Cream
Chocolate cream
San tropique Coconut, rum
Schnapps Refreshing favorite in
many flavors: apple, strawberry, peach, raspberry, root beer, cola,
butterscotch, apricot, among other additions to peppermint.
Slivovitz A plum brandy from
middle Europe
Sloe Gin Strawberry. A gin
flavored with sloe (blacktorn)
Southern Comfort American made, peach
flavored liqueur with a bourbon whiskey
St. Brendan’s Irish
Cream whiskey
Strega Brand name of Italian
liqueur, rich, spicy, citrus character, yellow color. Licorice.
Tia Maria Jamaican liqueur with
flavor of fresh coffee. Dark brown in color.
Tilus 70 proof, the first original
truffle liqueur.
Triple Sec Similar to Curacao but
colorless, sweeter and higher in proof. Orange flavored liqueur.
Truffles Liqueur de Chocolat. A
delicate combination of spirits and imported chocolate flavors.
Tuaca An Italian Liqueur,
orange in flavor with a hint of vanilla. Coconut & caramel.
Vandermint Minted chocolate
liqueur from Holland; rich, creamy chocolate taste with a subtle hint of
Wild Turkey Liqueur Fully aged bourbon and
the addition of subtle natural flavorings.
Yukon Jack 100 proof Canadian
liqueur, whisky-based with herbs and orange peels. Orange, whiskey.