The Hendersonville ABC board was established in 1955 as a result of a local referendum added to the ballot of the general election that same year. This referendum allowed on premise sales of distilled spirits within the city limits of Hendersonville, Even though the Hendersonville ABC Board was established in 1955, the first retail sale of distilled spirits happened on November 19, 1960. A second location was added in 1978 on Four Seasons Blvd to better serve the residents of Henderson County. The store was moved in 1999 to the current location of 275 Thompson Street where it continues to conveniently serve the residents of the north eastern portion of the county. Hendersonville’s rich heritage and beautiful location in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains is drawing in new residents and spuring our tourism industury to new heights. The progress of the community lead the Hendersonville ABC Board to open our newest location at 32 McMurray Rd in October of 2012. This location has been a great addition to our system and has been well received by our residents. This store is much more convenient for anyone from the southern portion of the county as well as interstate traffic. The Hendersonville ABC Board would like to thank all of our residents for their support which has facilitated the successful opening of this location.

In the 2012 general election, just one month after our newest store opened, an additional referendum was voted on and passed allowing the sale of spirits throughout the entire county. A county ABC board was established as a result of this legislation, but the board was quickly dissolved based on findings from a study they financed that determined the county could not support an additional store at the current time. The three remaining boards in Henderson County; Fletcher, Hendersonville, & Laurel Park continue to operate successfully.

The Hendersonville ABC board is a 3 member panel appointed by the city council. The current board chairman is Dr. Charles Byrd, he is accompanied by board members, Marcie Kane and William Penny Jr. The board is joined by the Chief Finance Officer, Cheryl McCraw, & General Manager, Raymond “Powers” English. The board meets on the third Tuesday each month to conduct ABC business. The Hendersonville ABC board office is located at 205 S. Church Street in the same building as our #1 store. Any official ABC business should be directed to Robbie Morgan, our administrative assistant.

The revenue generated by the Hendersoville ABC Board is dispursed quarterly back to our community. The Hendersonville ABC system has proudly raised over 10 million dollars since its inception in 1955. 50% of Net Profits are disbursed to the city’s general fund, 25% to the county’s general fund, 24% to the Henderson County Board of Education, and 1% to the Henderson County Public Library. The board continues to support and educate our community. Additional funds are appropriated specifically for the education and prevention of underage drinking. Take a look at the education tab for more information reguarding our education and prevention campaign.